Dental cleaning is used to clean deposits of plaque and tartar that have been deposited over the time and prevents the advancement of gum disease. This technique is used to remove the grey, yellow and brown colored plaque and tartar that is deposited on the teeth near the gums and can result in major gum diseases. You might have noticed that just after you brush your teeth a thin layer of saliva, proteins and bacteria is deposited on the surface of teeth that acts as a growth or infection. Once the bacteria are accumulated and it mixes with the sugar from the food, it forms pale yellow and sticky substance known as plaque. This plaque when remains on the teeth for a long period of time, it attracts minerals from saliva and hardens to form tartar.

Both the tartar and plaque results in poor dental health and causes major gum diseases that keep on growing as periodontal disease. Professional cleaning or scaling helps remove these and reverses gum disease or prevents the progression to periodontal diseases.

At The Dental Hub,Which is BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN GURGAON, we use special instruments to remove these deposits gently by taking care that your teeth and gums are not harmed in the scaling and polishing process. Scaling and polishing is suggested to prevent decay of tooth and gum disease, and may be essential every six months conditional on the oral situation of a patient.

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