In today’s world, nothing is more important than your health because each one of us know that “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. There is a strong link between your oral health and overall health, so taking good care of your teeth can have a huge effect on your whole body.

As the research shows that out of all the reasons, one of the main reason that why people ignore their dental health because they are embarrassed that their lack of regular dental care has led to decayed, stained, as well as chipped teeth. If you are one of them reading then please don’t ignore your Dental condition. It’s never too late to treat something until and unless it can’t be treatable.

Our teeth are uniquely ours; it means that our teeth are like our fingerprints. Even identical twins don’t have identical teeth. So, now that we know that our tooth is also one of the unique part of the body then why not to take proper care of it. Key factor in smile attractiveness is the beautiful teeth. Research reveals that people with balanced teeth are viewed more positively as compared to those with crooked teeth.

8 Health problems due to poor Dental Health

After reading the above headline, it’s obvious to feel anxious, but this is the truth that you will come to know which are going to be mentioned below:-

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Respiratory Disease

There is a very clear link between poor oral health and respiratory disease.  When oral health is poor, then it’s obvious that natural occurring bacteria shall travel from mouth to the lungs which can lead to the risk of lung infection and many more dreadful diseases such as pneumonia etc. This is why oral health is considered a potential reservoir for respiratory disease. An overgrowth of the harmful bacteria can ultimately spread to your heart through the saliva, and can cause trouble breathing or cough that won’t go away. Best way to prevent overgrowth harmful bacteria in the mouth is to brush twice a day and clean your teeth daily with floss.


After reading this, you might consider this to be utterly rubbish!! How is this possible that Oral health and diabetes are interconnected. But yes you will come to know, after reading this part. An infection named periodontitis which is actually an advanced gum disease. It usually occurs when early gum disease (gingivitis) is left untreated. Periodontitis is a disease which leads to the rise of blood sugar level, which in turn makes your diabetes more difficult to control. Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it will get very difficult. And once your blood sugar level is high, which is uncontrollable then it clearly means that you will have more sugar saliva in your mouth. Then it will result more bacteria to produce in your mouth. Then these bacteria combine with your saliva and lead to tooth decay. So, basically it’s a hoop process when gum disease take place it leads to diabetes and when blood sugar level get increased then it leads to tooth decay.


This is the disease in which women need to be more aware, as it leads to the complication of pregnancy. Women who are having  poor oral health are likely to take much longer time to conceive than the women who are having  good oral hygiene and the worst part is after conceiving they are at a higher risk of pathological dental conditions which can create the complication for both the mother and the baby. In Mother’s case the gums can get pulled away from the teeth which can cause the teeth to fall out. In baby’s case it may cause premature birth or one with low birth weight. It is recommended to take good care of the teeth during pregnancy.

Cardiovascular Disease

Poor oral health has been debated as a possible cause of cardiovascular disease for many years. Gums inflammation increases the risk of bacterial infection in the blood stream, which ultimately affects the heart valves. And in case of person having artificial heart valves then for them oral health should be their utmost necessary concern. A type of bacteria from the mouth can cause blood clots and can leads to serious heart issues and if it enters the bloodstream through the bleeding gums, it can cause by passing off the body proteins. Basically in simple language, we can say that Gum disease increase the risk of heart disease because inflammation in the gums and bacteria may eventually lead to narrowing or blocking of important arteries and blood vessels  of the heart which can cause Heart attack or Stroke. Quoting all this down not to make you tensed but to aware the 21st century nation about the risk of poor oral health which is ignored by many of us.


Teeth are directly connected to your brain. Studies found connection between gum disease and Cognitive Decline (memory loss).  Your oral health can affect your brain health which is one of the most dangerous outcomes that can result from bad dental hygiene. A tooth infection can result in memory loss when the infection spreads to the brain. When your cavity reaches the tooth’s root the infection threatens nerves and blood vessels, which are directly connected to your brain, which ultimately leads to dementia. Though dementia usually occurs in old age but poor health can leads to this problem sooner. Now that you know how dental hygiene affects brain health, maintain oral hygiene by brushing your tooth regularly and visit your trusted dentist

Kidney Disease

Scientific researches have clearly shown that humans suffering from poor oral health are at a higher risk of chronic disease. And the reason behind this is the systematic effects of inflammation and infections which leads to hardening and narrowing of the arteries. There are many common areas of the body which get affected due to bad oral health because whatever you put in your mouth it ultimately goes to the other parts of the body, so, the same goes for bacteria of your mouth. Whenever you have any tooth infection it also travels throughout your body, it’s just that its intensity and location always vary, but the most common affected part of the body is the bladder and kidney. There is also a logical reason behind this concept that is whenever any infection or decay occur in the mouth and is being filtered every time you eat or drink something through your body. There are some cases in when infections can become serious and you may be in fact doesn’t know about it. So, start taking your oral health seriously from today itself.


Osteoporosis is one of the disease which you may not be aware of. But today after reading this you will come to know that what actually osteoporosis is and how Oral health cause Osteoporosis. In simple words Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become fragile from loss of tissue, because of the deficiency of calcium or any such gum disease, in medical term you can say periodontitis, it is a serious gum infection which damages the soft tissue and, without treatment it has the power to destroy to your bone that supports your teeth to loosen or lead to tooth loss. This disease is usually the result of poor oral hygiene only. It is curable so nothing to worry about. The best preventive measure of this disease is to brush at least twice a day, and regular checkup is something which is very important at least once in every 6 months to prevent you from such disease and if it is already present then to cure it and prevent it from developing.


Mouth cancer and stomach cancer are the two dangerous cancers which can occur due to bad oral health. Each one of us knows that tobacco is very much injurious to body. Practicing tobacco products by Smoking cigarette, cigar, or the person who chews tobacco or excessive consumption of alcohol, whether  in any form it will first cause harm to your tooth and then it can be the  reason for mouth cancer and as whether you smoke or drink it will ultimately goes to your stomach only. So, it is the higher risk of getting stomach cancer. And in stomach it has various organs so there is the chance of getting other cancers such as kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer or the blood cancer. So, stop wasting money on such harmful products, because it’s a two way wastage, first to buy these products and then God forbid if you got sick with any such disease, then for the treatment of them.

Daily habits by which you can prevent these

  • Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day.
  • Change your toothbrush within 2 months.
  • Rinse your mouth with freshener.
  • Don’t just brush remember to floss your teeth daily.
  • Lastly very important schedule your appointments with your dental hygienist every 6 months.

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