What is Basal Implant ?

The basal implantology, which is also called cortical, or Biocortical Implant System, has been developed and it includes the positioning of implants at the basal cortical bone, which offers exceptional quality cortical bones because of the preservation of those complex implants. The Basal Implant would be the most innovative among implants, effective for any state of bone. It may be used on patients who have any bone density and any bone mass. These implants participate in the exceptionally dense cortical bone that has the least propensity to get resorption. Basal bone is found in everybody, despite acute bone loss due to gum disease or lack of teeth.

Rehabilitation of partially and completely edentulous patients with implant-supported prostheses has become a widely accepted treatment option. The new design of one-piece basal implants and their smooth surface makes them practically indestructible to inflammation (periimplantitis), due to the inability of bacterial growth on their surface. Thus, they can be safely placed on smokers or patients with periodontal diseases as well as immediately after the removal of the tooth.

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The only stop for the best dental clinic and an efficient team of dentists in Gurgaon is none other than The Dental Hub. (https://www.thedentalhub.in/) . History of Basal Implant:
The first single-piece implant was developed and used by Dr. Jean-Marc Julliet in 1972. Because no homologous cutting tools are produced for this implant. After in In the mid-1980s, French dentist, Dr. Gerard Scortecci, invented an improved basal implant system completed with matching cutting tools. But in Indian cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, Dr. Amit Garg and Dr. Neha have over 15 years of experience of this.

Type of Basal Implants

There are two types of Basal Implant, BOI (Basal Osseo Integrated) is implemented within 5 days and designed well. another one is BCS ( Basal cortical screw). The BCS was created up to 12 millimeters diameter and inserted directly into the extraction socket. The only stop for the best dental clinic and an efficient team of dentists in Gurgaon is none other than
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Different Between Conventional Implant and Basal Implant:

  1. With Basal Implant all things can be done within 3 days and with a Conventional implant they are
    loaded after at least 90-120 days after healing.
  2. Working on resorbed ridges is less challenging with basal implants. The techniques allow flapless
    immediate loading even in the most resorbed jaws without the need for bone grafting surgeries
  3.  One single compact surgical kit is enough for all basal implant surgeries as opposed to conventional
    implants, which need multiple kits for various procedures. There is no better place than Dental Hub Gurgaon, https://www.thedentalhub.in/ , with the most
    experience Doctors for Basal implants in Gurgaon and Delhi.

The benefit of Basal Implant:

  1. Basal implants are practically for all patients including the ones who smoke, and having diabetes, or
    have got minimum bone.
  2. Basal Implant, no additional bone grafting is needed for the bone volume hence it reduces the cost
    for patients.
  3.  Basal Implants have no risk, with a single surgery and the help of local anesthesia all can be done.
    Undoubtedly , The Dental Hub Gurgaon is the most affordable place for Basal implants.

Everything has some limitations and Basal implants have no exception,
limitation are

  1.  cannot be used in medically compromised patients who cannot undergo surgery
  2. Take a longer duration of treatment
  3. Need a lot of patient corporation.
  4.  sometimes it can be expensive but (Not in Dental Hub Gurgaon).

Different types of basal implant :

  1.  BSC (Basal Cortical Screw) – This ensures maximum stability avoiding unfavorable lateral force.
  2.  KOS (King of Single-piece) – They are placed in the cancellous bone and compressed laterally.
  3.  BI KOS+ – The micro thread in the first cortex provides stability.
  4. Lateral Basal implants BOI (Implant Basal Osseolntegre) – Perfect distribution of chewing force.

Let’s discuss a few more aspects of Basal Implants 

1- Basal Implants is safe?
The answer is Yes, it`s very safe

2- It is safe for all patients, especially Diabetic patients?
The answer is absolute yes, it’s safe for everyone. even if it is safe for patients with chronic periodontitis.

3- How much is the cost for the patients?
In India, it cost between 15000-30000 Rupees but In Dental Hub Gurgaon it`s affordable and pocket

4- Dose is carried any risk in Basal Implants?
The answer is no.

5 How much time it will take to implant?
The Answer is 3 days or 72 hours.

6- Is there any danger of losing the screw inside the mouth?
The answer is no, as the implants are one piece.

Who should be recommended for Basal Implants?

  1. Those who do not want any risk of bone grafting.
  2.  For Those who do not wait for months, Basal Implant only takes 72 hours.
  3. Those who do not have enough bones for the traditional implants method.


  1. Basal Implant has over 97% success rate.
  2. As the patient is given a prosthesis with occlusal loading within 72 hours, the protocols of strategic basal implants were easily accepted by patients.
  3. Basal implants are used to support single- and multiple-unit restorations in the upper and lower jaws.
  4. They can be placed in the extraction sockets and also in the healed bone.
  5. Their structural characteristics allow placement in the bone that is deficient in height and width.
  6. Basal implants are the devices of the first choice, whenever (unpredictable) augmentations are part of an alternative treatment plan. The technique of basal implants solves all problems connected with conventional.

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