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Dental Implants in Gurgaon

Dental Implants are fantastic and long-term solution for damaged or broken teeth. The Dental Hub provides cost-efficient Dental implants in Gurgaon to patients who suffer from tooth loss and who are a good candidate for dental implants depending on bone availability and requirement.


Dr. Amit Garg and Dr. Neha Garg both are certified implantologist from India’s No 1 dental college (MCODS MANIPAL) and are well recognized in Gurgaon, offer precise consultancy and treatments at ease and comfort for all kind of oral health problems.


Keep your smile sturdy by consulting with our dental specialist regarding dental implants in Gurgaon today.

The clinic has all the modern dental implant amenities for painless treatment.

What is Dental Implant ?

Dental implant is an artificial restoration method for a missing tooth or teeth, helping to stop or prevent jaw bone loss. The implantation procedure is categorized as a form of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry, but also is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry.


People who have lost teeth might feel too self-conscious to smile or talk. Additionally, biting irregularities caused by tooth loss can have a negative effect on eating habits, leading to secondary health problems like malnutrition.


By replacing missing tooth roots, dental implants provide people with the strength and stability required to eat all the foods they love, without struggling to chew. Additionally, they help to stimulate and maintain jaw bone, preventing bone loss and helping to support facial features.

 Why Must You Consider Dental Implants as An Option ?

  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth.


  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion.


  • Resolve bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space.


  • Restore a patient’s confident smile.


  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion.


  • Restore or enhance facial tissues.


  • Support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

In the modern times, every individual looks for the best solutions for their dental problems. The most crucial part of the journey is that they want the solution to be permanent and consist of the best quality. When a person misses one or more than one tooth, then the thought of getting it replaced is the first thought which comes to the mind. Dental implants which are also known as tooth implants are one of the commonly recommended dental treatments for such patients. There are several benefits of tooth implants which provide the most long-term results in the form of a solution to the missing teeth in the respective patients. There are various other dental solutions for replacing the missing tooth area, but then the benefits of tooth implants are better than other solutions.

Here are some of the notable benefits of teeth implant which make the patients prefer them irrespective of the type of the case.

  • Adapts to the surrounding areas: In most of the cases, the dental implants are made up of titanium element which makes it biocompatible with the structures present in the area of the missing tooth. The element does not react with the respective bone as well as gums. This ensures that the patients do not have to face any reactions after the placement of the dental implants in the respective areas.


  • Improved appearance: The comeback of the natural tooth look with the placement of the dental implants is one of the popular benefits of tooth implants among the patients. Most of the individuals start losing confidence to talk, smile and laugh at the lose of the teeth. With the help of the dental implants, one’s confidence is revived in no time. The crowns placed over the dental implants add to the beauty of the respective implant. Also, the smile and entire oral health are improved even after the loss of the natural teeth.


  • No feeling of pain: Most of the dental patients fear that the procedure of the dental implants is quite painful. But this is not right. Implant procedures are done after the respective missing tooth area, and the surrounding structures are adequately anesthetized. It ensures that the patient does not feel any pain at the time of the procedure. After the completion of the procedure, the patient might feel some discomfort. But this discomfort is temporary, and with the consumption of prescribed medications, the patient will be fine.


  • Choose the food you want to eat: The untimely loss of the teeth can lead to the various difficulties to the respective individuals. This restricts them to a particular type of eating menu and schedule. If a patient with missing teeth undergoes with dental implants, then it becomes much easier for them to eat and chew any food. It is one of the significant benefits of tooth implants on which patients usually focus on right after the extraction of the teeth.

Thus, these are some of the crucial benefits of tooth implants which are taken into consideration after the extraction or early loss of the teeth of a patient.

Types of Dental Implant

1. Anterior Implant

Anterior Implant is done to replace missing teeth on the front of the mouth. While planning the anterior implant, a lot of factors including biological, functional and esthetic factors. Our dentists try to match the perfect pink score to he soft tissue around natural teeth.

2. Immediate Loading Implants


Immediate Loading Implants is used to replace missing tooth in the most aesthetic way. In this case, a temporary crown is immediately placed on the implant to create a natural look. This is done only for aesthetic reason and it is ensured that the tooth doesn’t comein contact with the tooth on the opposite side.

Anterior implants
Anterior implants

Anterior dental implant by the dental hub in Gurgaon.

Immediate loading implant
Immediate loading implant

Immediate loading dental implant by the dental hub in Gurgaon.

Single Implant
Single Implant

Single Implant In Gurgaon bt the benst dental implant clinic in gurgaon, The Dental Hub

Anterior implants
Anterior implants

Anterior dental implant by the dental hub in Gurgaon.


3. Implant Overdenture

Implant Overdenture includes the use of dental implants for stabilization of dentures. It is an effective and durable option which is much more comfortable than the use of dentures. The treatment has a high success rate.

4. Lower Full Mouth Implant

Lower Full Mouth Implant Bridge is used when the patient has more than one missing teeth. If the doctor considers that due to clenching or grinding, the replacement implant won’t be stable; a full mouth implant bridge may be used.

5. Lower Full Mouth Implant

Single Tooth Implant is the most natural and efficient solution for replacement of a single tooth. It includes the use of implant and a crown that restores the functionality, aesthetics and hygiene of the mouth. Depending on the patient’s requirement, a variety of implant options are available.


Advantages to enjoy when you make an investment in dental implants are:

A dental implant is an artificial tooth with a titanium metal root that is fitted into your jawbone to carry a replacement tooth or bridge for those that have a missing tooth or teeth.

​Replacement teeth feel, function and seem like natural teeth Implants are a long-lasting Comfortable Refurbish your smile and function Improved oral health Eat without apprehensions Implants are pain-free Enhance your quality of life.