Wisdom tooth is a tooth which erupts in the oral cavity in the adult years of an individual. It is one of the molars which occupy the eighth position in the series of teeth in the arch. Now, wisdom tooth does not have any significant role in chewing food in most of the patients. So, it is usually recommended to get the wisdom tooth extracted. Some dentists ask to avoid removal of the wisdom tooth, but then if the tooth is not removed at an early stage, it might lead to complicated cases in the later stages at the time of the eruption.

There are various cases in which it is recommended to the patients to get their wisdom tooth removed.
  • Increased pain: At the time of the eruption of wisdom teeth, pain, as well as discomfort, is quite common in most of the patients. But at times when the tooth does not find the smooth path of the eruption, the pain increases to a greater extent which leads to further....


    In the modern times, every individual looks for the best solutions for their dental problems. The most crucial part of the journey is that they want the solution to be permanent and consist of the best quality. When a person misses one or more than one tooth, then the thought of getting it replaced is the first thought which comes to the mind. Dental implants which are also known as tooth implants are one of the commonly recommended dental treatments for such patients. There are several benefits of tooth implants which provide the most long-term results in the form of a solution to the missing teeth in the respective patients. There are various other dental solutions for replacing the missing tooth area, but then the benefits of tooth implants are better than other solutions.

    Here are some of the notable benefits of tooth implants which make the patients prefer them irrespective of the type of the case....


    Your smile is the most precious jewel of yours, which you will never prefer to lose at any cost – isn’t it? Of course, yes, then may it be at the cost of tooth implants or any other dental treatment. Indeed, you read it correct, as a decayed, missing or an ill health tooth can be a reason for your social embarrassment and low confidence. Thus, if you count yourself to be one in such situation, it’s time to visit a dentist.

    Tooth decay and damage is quite common now-a-days in India due to our improper food habits. This, in turn, has headed the popularity and demand of dental clinics in India. Furthermore, the vulnerable condition of tooth pleads forward for the advancement in medical science. This has led to the discovery of prolonged treatment in the form of “Tooth implantation.”


    Dental issues vary from age to age, yet the major one happens post mid-age only. This is either due to continuous munching or insalubrious dental habits. When we eat, small food particles, sugar and acids, get stuck around our teeth and if left un-cleaned it causes plaque. The unduly present bacteria in the mouth start acting on this plaque and results in tooth decay, gum disease or other dental issues.

    We often think of dental cleaning in this case, whereas doctors recommend deep cleaning instead. At The Dental Hub, the expert dentists will make you understand the difference between cleaning and deep cleaning. Cleaning is something we do or should do with brushing or after eating but deep cleaning reaches below the gum line to remove the built-up plaque. This deep cleaning process is medically termed as scaling of teeth.


    At The Dental Hub, we believe that taking care of your smile can keep the chances of dental issues at bay. Wondering how? How often have you thought about the importance oral hygiene has in our lives? Most of us end up ignoring our oral hygiene, hurting our teeth and ultimately our smiles. Visiting a dentist for regular dental checkups is absolutely mandatory due to the regular dental check up benefits that follow.

    Through these dental checkups, your dentist is able to detect any potential problems that we might not be aware of. Furthermore why shell out your hard earned money on the expensive dental procedures that might be required at some time ahead. With regular dental checkups, you don’t only make your teeth healthy but you get white, shining teeth that definitely add to your physical appearance and boost your confidence. But the question that arises here is, “What are the things included in these routine dental checkups?”

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