Pediatric Dentistry in Gurgoan

Best Pediatric Dentist in Gurgaon
Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Gurgaon

The team at The Dental Hub is happy to see you and your Lil ones. It’s our endeavor to make each dental visit fun and kid-oriented for your child because we believe dental visit should not be a scary experience for your child. Dr. Neha Garg is an amiable Kids dentist in Gurgaon offering safe and comfortable Pediatric dentistry treatment.

Getting your kid used to visiting dental clinics can avert the development of fear by the terms of Dentist and dental treatments. It also takes parents’ significance in taking their child’s first dental visit in a positive way and never letting anyone tell your child scary stories about seeing the dentist. The Dental Hub is one of the top kids dental clinics in Gurgaon.

Dr. Amit Garg and his team are proficient in handling difficult and uncooperative children with ease as to avoid risks of injury and excessive stress. Under certain conditions, we use “General Anaesthesia” in order to deliver high-quality dental care to the child.

Clinic have all modern dentistry apparatus for Painless treatment for child.


Kids Dentist in Gurgaon

The Dental Hub, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon provides high quality and comprehensive pediatric dental care. Children love to visit our clinic for pediatric treatments because of our dental staff's geniality and adept knowledge that keeps their treatment at ease experienced Kids dentist in Gurgaon. You can contact our clinic front desk to discuss your child’s first dental visit.

Pediatric Dentistry works with patients attending in age from birth till adolescence. By being an age-specific specialty, pediatric dentistry encompasses behaviour management of children, supervision of orofacial growth and development and prevention of oral diseases.

It includes methods pointed toward restoring cracked or broken teeth because of dental injury (accidental teeth Injuries) in kids. 

It includes all the preventive and therapeutic techniques for most commonly occurring oral conditions "Dental Caries", generally alluded to as tooth cavities in youngsters.

It incorporates interceptive methods for rectification of thumb sucking, tongue pushing and lip gnawing habits in kids which can prompt malalignment of teeth or jaws at later age. 

Revision of poor alignment of developing teeth with orthodontic apparatuses (Removable or fixed) is likewise embraced.

Pediatric dentistry involves parental counselling regarding diet counselling and home oral hygiene practices for overall general well being of a child.

Why spend on the maintenance of milk teeth ?

Milk teeth are as important as the permanent ones because:

  • They are very important in eating properly​, which in turn allows highly nutritious food to be included in their diet such as grains, nuts and fruits.

  • Healthy milk teeth are very crucial in helping the baby learn how to speak properly.

  • They are responsible for the alignment of permanent teeth, thereby developing a proper jaw.

Best Pediatric Dentist in Gurgaon

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