Implants Placements in patients is a bit challenging sometimes due to no bones as patients has been
extracted their teeth long time back or they have lost teeth due to periodontitis or they can’t pay huge amount of money or they have lots of expectation with implants. And the solution for above all such challenges is Basal Implant, which is also called cortical implant, bio-cortical implant, orthopedic implant, disk implant or lateral implant. Basal implant will meet the expectation of every patient suffering from any kind of Dental problems.

Basal implants are highly advised as there is no fear of peri-implantitis due to no chance of infection. Basal implants can be done to the old age patients and Diabetic patients as well.

So, What is Basal Implant?

Basal implant is the most innovative and advanced technique of implantology system where the implants are situated at the basal cortical part of the jaw bone, which is fruitful for any condition of bone.

But, Why Basal Implant?

In case of conventional implant, it can sometimes put dentist in a difficult situation as many patients are not immensely rich. In conventional implant sometimes bone augmentation is very essential to place implant which creates a complex situation later on as bone augmentation and bone graft procedures are very costly and very technique sensitive. It takes total time of around 6 months or 1year for complete treatment. So the settlement of such difficulties is Basal implant.
• Basal implant requires less waiting time. The prosthesis is provided within 72 hours of implant
surgery. It is an immediate loading technique which takes maximum of 3days total treatment.
• Basal implant is less painful and it doesn’t require
bone graft and bone augmentation.
• Basal bone is the strongest jaw bone and by taking the support from basal bone, it is an utmost strong method of fixing the implants.
• Basal Implants are highly stable which stays for lifetime. The durability of implant depends upon the maintenance done by the patient after the surgical procedure and regular follow up.
• It is the fast and safe process as the implants are situated in the cortical bone which has high load bearing potential than those of cancellous/spongy bone. The discovery of basal implant made it possible to get back teeth even if there are no teeth.

Patient who can get Basal implant

Basal implant have high success rate for
• patients who are smokers,
• who have bone with less height
• those having gum disease.
• Patient having periodontal disease are
successfully treated with basal implant without
any grafting
• Even the Atrophic jaws can also be treated

Types of Basal Implants:

Single piece/ one piece implant: It is also called Monoboic. Here the implants and the abutment are
connected and joined into one unit.

Basal – cortical screw implant

In this implantology, the implants are situated in the basal- cortical part of jaw bone which is more resistant to resorption. This implant takes the support from basal bone which gives lifelong solution in case of tooth loss as load bearing capability is high in cortical bone.

KOS Implant:

The full form of KOS Implant is King of Single piece implant. It is a type of one piece implant which is made up of biocompatible titanium alloy which is highly resistance to fracture.

BOI (Basal Osseointegrated implant):

These are also called Lateral Basal Implant and Disk Implants. Here the implants are situated in the lateral section of jaw bones. BOI implant has been done when several teeth are taken out, immediately after the process of conventional 2-stage implant placement and where the bone augmentation can be ignored.

Procedure of Basal Implant:

At first, the dentist will get ready the patient’s mouth by examining and determining the bone quality by usage of high quality scanning methods. Then the anesthesia will be given which is definitely painless. Then the implants are fixed in the thick cortical bone. The implants are positioned according to the quality of bone exist. Then the doctor will do the dental X ray to examine and inspect the accuracy and position. Then the prosthesis is built. It is then attached with the basal implants by screws. Then the dentist will check the jaw position and will provide some great tune up to give natural sense.

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