Wisdom tooth is a tooth which erupts in the oral cavity in the adult years of an individual. It is one of the molars which occupy the eighth position in the series of teeth in the arch. Now, wisdom tooth does not have any significant role in chewing food in most of the patients. So, it is usually recommended to get the wisdom tooth extracted. Some dentists ask to avoid removal of the wisdom tooth, but then if the tooth is not removed at an early stage, it might lead to complicated cases in the later stages at the time of the eruption.

There are various cases in which it is recommended to the patients to get their wisdom tooth removed.
  • Increased pain: At the time of the eruption of wisdom teeth, pain, as well as discomfort, is quite common in most of the patients. But at times when the tooth does not find the smooth path of the eruption, the pain increases to a greater extent which leads to further discomfort in the patients. In such cases, the dentist asks the patient to get the respective tooth removed before the condition becomes worse.
  • Improper growth: Before the arrival of the wisdom tooth, the oral cavity of the patient is already occupied with the other teeth in sequence. Once this tooth erupts, over-crowding can be commonly seen in several patients. Orthodontic treatments are not much successful in such cases. Depending on the type of eruption pattern and condition of the adjacent teeth, the extraction procedure is done.
  • Complaint of food lodgement: Food lodgement is one of the common difficulties which most of the patients face concerning the molars. Therefore, if the teeth have food lodgement, then the patients are advised to get a wisdom tooth removed as soon as possible.
  • Increased occurrence of cavities: Many times, it is observed that the tooth present adjacent to the wisdom teeth attract cavities to a greater extent. This happens as food gets stuck in between the erupting teeth and the tooth located in front of it. The cavities start spreading if not dealt at the right time. It is better to get the wisdom tooth removed to avoid any further damage to the tooth present in front of it.
  • Pericoronitis: When the wisdom teeth erupt, it leads to the development of the gums which are usually inflamed and have a hard consistency. This condition is known as pericoronitis. It becomes difficult for the patients to keep proper oral hygiene with the presence of this condition. This type of condition is quite common in cases of the patients who have wisdom teeth erupting in the lower arch.
  • Occurrence of cyst: The development of the cyst around the wisdom tooth is also one of the common reasons which make it essential for the individuals to opt for the extraction of the teeth. To avoid the cyst turning into a worse condition like a tumor, wisdom tooth is removed.

  • In this way, these are some of the commonly seen cases in patients when the dentist recommends wisdom tooth removal.

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