How can tooth loss be termed as a serious health disaster?

How can tooth loss be termed as a serious health disaster?

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09 May 2017 | Dental care

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Just imagine an endearing, freckle-faced child around the age of nine. In addition to a splash of red hair, and all those crazy spots, likelihoods are the vision you summoned also encompasses a huge grin with some absent teeth. At that age, there is nothing erroneous with that as losing baby teeth is a ritual of passage that everybody must go through. Now picture this same child at age twenty, forty and eighty-six. During those phases of the game, tooth loss is not endearing, it can be out-and-out scary. As individuals age, absent teeth are more of a hindrance that can result in being coldshouldered by conventional society. However, the realism is, kids are not the only ones at risk for losing their pearly whites as it can occur to any of us at any time. Undoubtedly, tooth loss can be a very severe issue. Not only can it depressingly impact the quality of life, but the ailment can also be a warning of bigger health difficulties.

The chief reason for us to fall prey to numerous dental problems is that we do not look after our teeth. This sequentially becomes a reason for tooth loss and other dental difficulties such as gingivitis, periodontal diseases. In due course, we undergo treatments such tooth withdrawal, root canal treatment, tooth whitening, etc. Whether you believe it or not, but each time a tooth loss happens, it affects the alveolar bone. Ultimately, the gum tissues and bone begins to depreciate. However, the loss just does not finish there. With tooth loss and alveolar bone loss, you will begin losing the basal bone and this finally disturbs the whole edifice of teeth. This is the reason why we need to take expert dental help. Visiting Dr. Neha Garg, a dentist in Gurgaon at the Dental Hub or an orthodontist in Gurgaon twice a year will guarantee that the teeth and mouth are healthy and you do not struggle with any other issue.

Treatments such as dental implants are obtainable to overcome tooth loss and have demonstrated to be categorically effective. Refer your dentist and let them know the whole condition such as your overall health and the medicines that you have been taking recently. Co-operate with them for improving overall dental health. You can decrease your risk of tooth loss significantly simply by getting appropriate professional dental care twice annually. At the very least, you need to have your teeth tested and cleaned.

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