Dental Extraction in gurgaon

Dental Extractions In Gurgaon


If your tooth is damaged, decayed or broken due to any reason then you must plan a visit to the dentist so as to repair it by different dental restoration techniques like filling, root canal, crown and various other treatments. But, there is time when the tooth is damaged to an extent that it can’t be restored by any technique, in such cases the tooth is extracted from the socket in the bone.

Types of extractions


Simple Extractions vs. Surgical Extractions

In simple extraction the tooth is removed from the gums with the help of forceps. But if the tooth breaks up at the gum line then your dentist needs to remove a gum tissue or bone to extract the left over teeth. This is known as surgical extraction and is often accompanied with a stich to close the site for proper healing. The most common procedure to remove teeth is surgical extraction. The doctor may also prescribe a more specific pain medication following the procedure.

Reasons for Surgical Extractions

Your dentist will determine whether you need surgical or simple extraction according to the X-ray of the tooth or simple by examining the tooth. There might come times when simple extraction results into surgical extractions. This usually happens when the tooth breaks from the gum line during the procedure of simple extraction. Wisdom teeth are extracted using surgical procedures, as they are not properly erupted in the mouth and their extraction often needs cutting the tissues and the bone. Surgical extractions are used in removing broken teeth, tips of roots and teeth having long curved roots.

Tooth Extraction in Gurgaon


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