Reasons For Bleeding Gums

Reasons For Bleeding Gums

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12 January 2018 | Blog

Not many pay adequate attention to their teeth. What do you expect the result of neglect to be? It definitely has to be something that is not desirable and good for your teeth. We might not be proficient and determined in following the best teeth care regime but ignoring even a petty issue can prove to be really troublesome. Just like any other body part, teeth also need regular care else the outcome can be diseases related to the same. The count of people suffering from dental issues is not less. The agony for many is such that they repent for the ignorance that happened from their end.

Gum bleeding is one common issue, faced by lot many people, that is generally ignored. The advice from the specialists is surely to be more cautious about teeth and pay regular visits to the dental clinics to keep a check on the health of teeth. With the numerous advanced dental treatments available, curing dental issues is not difficult. Same is the case with bleeding of gums as well. At The Dental Hub, we strive towards not only treating people but educating them as well that happens to be more important than treating them.

What is gum bleeding?

Less or more, if there is blood in the sink while you brush your teeth, it should not be ignored. There is no denying the fact that gum bleeding is one of the many tooth truths’ that can be the reason for your stress in times to come, if left unattended. It won’t be much time when the so called normal bleeding will turn to be a wreak havoc for your dental health.

Gum bleeding occurs when the plaque is not properly removed that ultimately leads to bacterial infection. Bleeding gums, if left unattended, can further lead to other gum diseases as well. The reasons for bleeding gums can vary from person to person however what continues to be same is the fact that ignorance is an absolute no as far as dental health is concerned.

Why do gums bleed?

It is generally not painful but once noticed – should be taken care of there and then. Treatment is required but knowing the reasons is more crucial to avoid it from happening. Let us try to take a sneak peek into the various reasons for bleeding gums:

  1.  Inadequate oral hygiene – Inadequate brushing and floss on a daily basis can lead to visible plaque in as less as 24 to 36 hours. So make sure that you brush and floss daily to keep your gums healthy
  2. Improper daily diet – Processed food might tempt you more but teeth do not appreciate it much. Natural foods with nutritional supplements serve as the required boosters for good oral health so avoid picking processed foods over produced ones
  3. Love to smoke? – For all those people out there who love to smoke, it is time to become more conscious. Smokers are more prone to gum diseases as a result of the toxins that might lead to inflammation so please beware
  4.  Are you stressed? – Staying constantly stressed or being anxious affects the immune system directly. Furthermore, stress can lead to inflammation in the blood vessels that can hinder the ability to heal
  5. Family history matters – Family history is one of the major reasons of diseases being passed on from generation to generation. If you have had a family history of gum diseases then chances are you too getting affected by the same
  6.  Love to kiss and share? – Yes it is contagious. If you have been kissing and sharing anything wherein someone else’s saliva can be transferred to you then that is an open invitation to gum diseases for self

How to treat bleeding gums?

Taking precautions beforehand is the absolute and most effective advice however there are numerous advanced clinical treatments available as on date. The Dental Hub is one of the most premier dental clinics offering treatment for bleeding gums. With the high levels of excellence and advanced treatment options available – we are the one stop shop for all your dental needs.

Dr. Amit Garg , an expert in gum disease will not only help you get rid of your gum bleeding issues but also educate you about the reasons for bleeding gums. This would help ensure that you take care of self and let other family members and friends also become aware about it. Give us an opportunity to investigate, diagnose and treat your bleeding gums in one go.

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