Dental issues vary from age to age, yet the major one happens post mid-age only. This is either due to continuous munching or insalubrious dental habits. When we eat, small food particles, sugar and acids, get stuck around our teeth and if left un-cleaned it causes plaque. The unduly present bacteria in the mouth start acting on this plaque and results in tooth decay, gum disease or other dental issues.
We often think of dental cleaning in this case, whereas doctors recommend deep cleaning instead. At The Dental Hub, the expert dentists will make you understand the difference between cleaning and deep cleaning. Cleaning is something we do or should do with brushing or after eating but deep cleaning reaches below the gum line to remove the built-up plaque. This deep cleaning process is medically termed as scaling of teeth.
Now when it comes to visiting a dentist for scaling – a thrilling sense of nervousness triggers within us. We ought to get panicky, thinking of the pain we may feel while our gums or teeth are diagnosed and treated upon. However, a thorough knowledge about the process and smart steps to care about may heal us from the pain positively. So why not grill up more about the relative treatment.

Who needs teeth scaling?

  • Patients having gum disease with deeper pockets of more than 4mm that is filled with plaque, are mostly advised for scaling of teeth. Deeper pocket results in pain, swelling and bad breath.
  • Patients suffering from pyrea are also prone to scaling of teeth.

  • Teeth scaling overview

    Teeth scaling is generally done in two different ways:

  • Scaling through handheld instruments – Dental scalier and curette are two handheld instruments, dentist uses to insert below the gum line to remove plaque. These ultrathin tools are used for scaling and removing plaque as toothbrush does not reach at this point.
  • Scaling through ultrasonic instruments – The ultrasonic instrument has a vibrating metal chip along with a cool water spray. The tip of metal removes the plaque as the water sprays out through the gum pocket.
  • Followed by teeth scaling is the process of root planning which is done in a similar manner as that of scaling, but reaches up to the root of the tooth. It makes the root smooth that makes further attachment of bone with gums easy and firm.

    Benefits and end result of teeth scaling

  • Avoid oral surgery – Teeth scaling is done only when there is a gum disease however medically it is the initial and the best therapy needed. Which otherwise would lead to oral surgery.
  • Teeth savior – But obvious benefit is that scaling of teeth increases the life of teeth. Plaque acts as a slow and silent killer, which if, not treated can cause serious dental disease.
  • Avoids heart disease – Professionals have glued the heart and dental disease together. More is the plaque in the tooth, more it will pass into the body through saliva and more it will flow in the bloodstream. This, in turn, may cause heart stroke if continued for long.

  • Is scaling of teeth painful?

    Is scaling of teeth painful? Harsh but true, yes it is painful. In fact, piercing can never be relaxing. However, there is always a better and smart way to make your journey smooth. Below, we discuss the same:
  • Go numb – Generally dentist numbs the scaling area before starting the process, but just for your assurance check if it is certainly done.
  • Prefer desensitizing toothpaste – Sensodyne can be your daily desensitizer that can ease you. So, make a switch from normal to therapeutic toothpaste.
  • Maintain hygiene – Brush your teeth twice daily and never forget to at least floss after every meal. Also, ask for any good mouth wash from your dentist, as it balances the pH of mouth and gives a healthy breath.
  • Notice and avoid gum recession – Notice if you feel any sort of pain or sensitivity in the lower part of your tooth. If you do, it’s an alarming situation to consult your dentist. It happens when gum shifts down exposing the lower part of your tooth and plaque builds up there.

  • Furthermore, all this knowledge will fit best only if it is in execution. Therefore, visit The Dental Hub to get the best ever treatment for all your dental issues.

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