Your smile is the most precious jewel of yours, which you will never prefer to lose at any cost – isn’t it? Of course, yes, then may it be at the cost of tooth implants or any other dental treatment. Indeed, you read it correct, as a decayed, missing or an ill health tooth can be a reason for your social embarrassment and low confidence. Thus, if you count yourself to be one in such situation, it’s time to visit a dentist.
Tooth decay and damage is quite common now-a-days in India due to our improper food habits. This, in turn, has headed the popularity and demand of dental clinics in India. Furthermore, the vulnerable condition of tooth pleads forward for the advancement in medical science. This has led to the discovery of prolonged treatment in the form of “Tooth implantation.”
Tooth implantation is an artificial replacement of the root made up of titanium. The main aim of tooth implantation is to get immediate contact of the implant with the surrounding bone so that it gives proper intact with the vicinity. Post implant when the bone grows and strengthens its gripping – the implant gets even better.

Who needs a tooth implant?

Tooth implant becomes necessary in the patients with decayed, missing or damaged tooth. However, it becomes successful only if the people are in sound physical health and maintain distance from alcohol and cigarettes. Furthermore, it is integral to choose a skilled and well qualified dentist for tooth implant to be effective.
There is no shortage of dental clinics around however it is better to do some research and choose the dental clinic wisely. The Dental Hub is an advanced clinic with highly qualified and experienced practitioners to serve their patients well focusing on both the reason and treatment in entirety.

Detailed overview of tooth implant process:

A thorough tooth implant process gets completed in several steps and takes three to nine months in all. The standard process includes:

  • Assessing patient and planning of treatment – The initial consultation with dentist includes oral x-ray along with a thorough health assessment of the patient. Also, the entire tooth implant process is discussed with the patient in detail and in written form with its cost in addition.
  • Implant settlement – Implant settlement is done under sterile condition along with local anesthesia. It is a minor oral surgical process wherein the bone is bored for implant and abatement. If bone is found deficient, there are several alternatives to grow bone prior to the implantation process.
  • Incorporation period – It varies from patient to patient from 6 weeks to even 6 months, depending upon the grips and strength of underlying bone. Generally bridgework or crown fixation is done during incorporation period, but in some cases, temporary teeth can be fixed to get immediate loading.
  • Renovation period – After the incorporation period comes the renovation period. The dental technician having good knowledge of restoration or renovation with various tooth options works to get these absolute restoration.
  • Maintenance – Post recovery, the patient should clean his teeth as per the dentist’s advice. Regular visits to the dentist are mandatory post implantation to keep implant, bones and restore healthy.

    How much does a tooth implant cost in India?

    Going abroad for tooth implantation was a trend day’s back; however, India has now crossed all such qualifying borders to gain the preferable position. The development in medical science has brought many such painless and cost-effective techniques in India that would otherwise have slurped a huge amount if done from abroad. In spite of this, how much does a tooth implant cost in India, is the major question that triggers when it comes to implantation.
    Earlier the cost of tooth implant in India was very high but with the increasing need of implant and growing dental clinics, the prospective cost is now within affordable limits. The cost of tooth implant can be anywhere between INR 16000 to INR 45000 per tooth. However it depends on the condition and the technique used. The more advanced treatment it is, the chances of it being more effective and a bit more expensive are inevitable.
    At dentistry clinics like The Dental Hub, they treat their patient with best ever treatments at the most reasonable cost thought of. Also, dental implantation is done after fusing the bones and this, of course, requires skills and knowledge to maintain the perfection in criticality. Thus, patients should never prioritize few zeros of currency when it comes to the betterment of health. Not to forget, small misery may lead to big crunches in the future. Thus, spend to save your smile and get quality treatment done.

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