Dental Restoration in gurgaon

Dental Restoration


Dental restoration is widely used in dentistry to restore the functions of teeth by replacing the teeth that are missing or damaged to some reasons. Restorations are done either directly or indirectly.

The restorations that are done inside the mouth are known as direct restorations and the ones that are done outside he mouth of the patients and then placed inside the mouth are indirect restorations.


What is a dental restoration?

Dental restorations are commonly known with the term filling. It is used to repair the damaged or decayed tooth by restoring it back to its usual shape, structure, function and appearance. The material used in the process of restoration is called as Amalgam Restoration and thus the name of the repair process is derived from this name. All dental restorations can be further classifies as per their type, location and size. Various restoration processes include fillings, crowns, implants, dentures, bridges, bonding and veneers.


Why there is a need to restore damaged or decayed tooth?

A tooth is usually repaired in order to protect the overall health of the mouth. It helps in protecting further decays and loss of tooth as with the passage of time decays spread into major infections and cause loss of tooth and poor oral health. The process of restorations helps in normal eating and chewing. It helps in restoring the natural appearance of the teeth and helps in getting back the normal look of the individuals.

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